Datuk R Ramanan Speaks of the APEC Business Travel Card

Datuk R Ramanan Speaks of the APEC Business Travel Card

Datuk R Ramanan’s Thoughts and opinions on APEC Business Travel Card

Having to go through a long immigration clearance process for the purpose of visitor passes approval could be problematic. Though it may be undeniable that such process is laborious, the process of applying visa is important to ensure everybody’s safe passage. Nonetheless, it is not uncommon for similar procedures to affect business relations. Fortunately, a highly effective solution, the Asia Pacific Economic Corporation (APEC) Business Travel Card was brought to smoothen the process.

Now, people who run businesses can apply for APEC Business Travel Card to get the privilege of travelling more freely. This program is made possible by participating countries with the mutual intention to stimulate free trade and open opportunities for investors. With APEC Business Travel Card, people who run businesses can pre-clear their short-term entry into participating countries for business purpose. This procedure helps to steer clear of the excessive rules and formalities affecting business operation.

Individuals who apply for the Travel Card could skip the visa application and entry permit under personal travel application, and they will have the option to utilize the multi-entry passes to take the special APEC lanes as they arrive at the participating countries.

Datuk Ramanan Ramakrishnan had fully endorsed the initiative and praised the Malaysia Immigration Department because of their efficiency and ability to embrace this sort of functional solution that promotes an accelerated growth and expansion of the national economy.

Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, China, South Korea, Philippines, Japan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Taiwan, New Zealand, Russia, Australia, Peru, Papua New Guinea, Mexico, and Chile are at this moment among the participating nations of the APEC scheme. At the same time, USA and Canada have taken part as transitional members.

As some foreign governments impose bureaucratic administration over diplomatic relations, the implications have already been huge for Malaysia.One of those particular countries, China, strictly required applications for entry, whether it is a business-related re-entries or just a social pass, to be applied upfront.

A research done by the APEC Policy Support Unit recently reveals that the APEC Business Travel Card scheme has resulted to a huge transaction cost reduction, which is up to 38% which previously would have to be borne by the card holders. This reveals that the effort did not only help to lessen waiting time, but actual cost linked to travel. In estimation, between the period of March 2010 until July 2011, as many as 62,413 hours was saved by the pass holders, which equals to USD 1.9 million in approximate value.